Monday, 28 October 2013

Easy Peasy Four Beans Salad

What a weekend!!!!

Full of baking and birthdays parties. Mondays are usually the day when I am on Domestic Goddess duties but not today, today I was Kaput I knew I was Kaput when I was too tired to make myself a cuppa so for the first time in a very long time I only had one cup of coffee who would have thought.

The boys requested BBQ and I nearly jumped into song "The hills are alive with the sound of music" and if I didn't have white couches I would have been dancing and jumping on them.

Since we were cooking the BBQ I just made a very easy bean salads mainly because it was the first thing I found in the pantry and fridge. so here we go it's easy and super yummy.


400g four bean mix (rinse)
400g corn kernels
1/2 red onion
2 slice grilled zuchinni
Balsamic Vinegar
a dash of olive oil
a pinch of salt.

Mix everything and VIOLA!!!!!! 

so easy so yummy just perfect for a lazy Monday night like tonight

Friday, 25 October 2013

In Retrospect - Hasting Street at night

This evening we walked down to Hasting street for a bit of a wander and a Gelato, Hasting St looked marvelous like a scene from a romantic movie the trees have been dressed with fairy lights the street looked so whimsical, we had to take a picture under this beautiful tree, just wonderful.

The tourists were walking about, having dinner in those amazing restaurants or they were just like us sitting on a bench at the Gelateria enjoying a delicious Gelato, while farmer Joe and I finished our gelato the munchkins ran up and down the street, I never get bored of hearing the ocean waves breaking so it's nice to enjoy them as a background noise

Well it was getting late and it was time to walk up the hill to burn off the delicious gelato we just chowed down.


Thursday, 24 October 2013

In Retrospect- WhiteCottage by the Sea - Day 3

Today everyone woke up late, we had a wonderful huge hot and cold breakfast it was delish and afterwards we were all like stuffed olives so we rolled down the hill for a bit of sand, beach & sun.

we spent all morning down at the beach the munchkins running in and out of the water trying to catch waves, little miss munchkin and I were building sandcastles well I was trying to build sandcastles little miss munchkin was destroying it and eating sand.

it was getting hot so we made our way back up to our place we had a swim and a splash in the swimming pool, we had one of those days a very lazy day.

while the munchkins were having a nap farmer Joe and myself got to watch another movie one of the highlights of this trip is probably the fact we have been able to just relax and catch up in some much needed movie watching

the day is nearly over the kids have spent this afternoon swimming in the pool, i am preparing an early dinner later on we are walking down to Hasting street for an ice cream.

I cant wait.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

In Retrospect - WhiteCottage by the sea Day 2

This morning we were up at the crack of dawn, we went for a morning walk along the boardwalk towards the national park, the weather was just right, the tourists so friendly.

After breakfast myself and little miss munchkin were totally kaput the boys on the other hand were full of beans so off they went for a swim to the beach while they were gone and baby was napping I finally got some time to myself to enjoy a cuppa and catch up on some tele, a cooking show was on I was on heaven.

The munchkins returned from the beach one would think they would be kaput but NO!!! that would be foolish of me, we had lunch and a swim in the swimming pool followed by a nap hoorray!!! Farmer Joe and I watched another movie - AMAZING!!!

It was early afternoon we walked down to Hastings St to have a wander around, the noosa fashion never disappoints all those amazing kaftans and accessories HEAVEN!!! just up my alley we finished our walk by stopping at the local vegie store and the Gelateria we enjoyed our chocolate ice cream.

Its is late afternoon we are laying around like a bunch of seals enjoying the sounds of the waves and the sea breeze.

For dinner we are having gourmet sausages and green bean salad.

we have really enjoyed the day of just......WELL doing not much.



WhiteCottage by the Sea - Day 1

We woke up early this morning after arriving last night for our holiday at Noosa.  we are en route to the Eumundi markets for breakfast, to buy fresh produce and to have a general wander. It was beautiful the sun was out the sea breeze was blowing we enjoyed some hot food rotti bread, Malaysian chicken curry I know it was a strange breakfast but it reminded me of my travels to Malaysia and Fiji where that was the norm. We finished breakfast now and it's time to wander around having a feast for the eyes from all the stalls, the artisans, the homemade & handmade products.

It was getting to that time, the time that every mother knows strategically to call it quits before the munchkins start cracking up and the wonderful experience turns into the story from hell but we left at the right time so the story continues.....

We then returned to what we decided to temporarily call it "WhiteCottage by the Sea"

This afternoon we took a stroll down to the beach, the munckins are super excited about having a splash and building sandcastles.

as I sit here with little miss missy she is enjoying digging holes and the occasional eating sand, I am writing this post and I am ogling the bride and the groom that just walked past they are photographing memories just the same way we are.



Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A keen Gardener

The other day we went to visit a dear friends of ours, she has recently become a garden enthusiast, after breakfast we spent a good time just wandering around her garden and the new things she has done to it, including the new plants she has added to her garden, we exchanged ideas on how to improve the foliage of this how to prune that, you know just the normal natter of two gardeners.'

My friend reminded me of ME  a few years ago before The cupcake lady and Farmer Joe met and came to live in the WhiteCottage. 

The things is a few years ago I knew what I liked and what I wanted I had a vision but I didn't know how to put all these things together. I remember when I was 20 years old and I lived in my little post war house which I adored and I still adore, I had a huge garden and it had some established trees but I was dying to have a cottage garden, it was pretty difficult to grow a cottage garden when we live in a subtropical weather and I had no clue about gardening or what a garden bed was. Oh lordie!!!!

Fast forward - The Cupcake lady and Farmer Joe met and a while later we came to the WhiteCottage and VIOLA I hit the jackpot farmer Joe actually grew up on a vegetable farm and he actually knew what a garden bed was (Thank Goodness) what grows well in our climate although its a ongoing learning experience for both us our humble garden is looking promising.

As for my friend she is well ahead onto having a fantastic garden, she has the enthusiasm to make her garden an amazing place and as she told me she has Google to help her when she has a question, If Google does not answers her question she always has Farmer Joe to tell her and if she wants to know what a garden bed is well she can always ask me :)



*here are some pics of her pretty flowers

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Big Smoke

Today I had to run errands after school and Kindy drop off, after that I had a couple of hours to spare so miss munchkin and I set out on the train to the Big Smoke aka Brisbane CBD. 

I do go to the CBD quite often really but not usually for me, when I go it is to take the munchkins to the library and museum so there is never enough time to go and wander around the stores, but today was different I only had little missy and she was asleep in her pram for a very long time. 

I went to my favourite store to buy a few cosmetics and perfume, I know I have to admit I love wearing make up and lippie even if the only exciting thing I am doing is taking children to school,  mulching the chicken coop and attending to the vegie patch, I have to look good doing it right?

I saw this fabulous swarovski crystal necklace so fabulous but really I think it's too much for moi I don't think the chickens will appreciate it while I am telling them to get out of the way as I throw sugar cane mulch around their house.

As I write I smell delish and I am sporting my favourite Lipgloss.... you can never look to fabulous even if you are just mulching chicken coops.



*The Big Smoke..... The Brisbane CBD

 *My favourite place to buy cosmetics especially Lipglosses

*One can only dream........ I wonder if this necklace goes with my gumboots


Thursday, 10 October 2013

Just another day at the WhiteCottage

Today was hot as usual, I spent most of the day being a Domestic Goddess, I pruned the rose bushes and spent loads of time with my middle munchkin playing Doctor and patient, my diagnosis, I was apparently stung by a Jelly Fish, thank goodness I was fixed by my 4 year old doctor and ready to go to face the rest of the day.

We picked up my eldest munchkin, he had a Magic Words Test and he passed with flying colours we decided to go and celebrate with an ice cream and that was a good end to a Domestic Goddess Day, and a hot day.

Everyone is in bed now and I am baking Double Chocolate Cupcakes for tomorrow's tuckshop
Hope your day was good too.



Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Back to the Hustle and Bustle

Back to the hustle and bustle, the school holidays are definitely over, the making of sandwiches, the thinking of what to put on the sandwiches, every morning I wonder when the munchkins will get bored with eating vegemite sandwiches.

So we are two days in an we are onto doing homework, swimming lessons and all the rest of the munchkins and school related things Arrgh......

Today I had to buy next year's books, would you believe it, it is only October and we have to buy books for next year anyhow a couple of us girls decided to tackle the dreaded online book list buying business so what a better place than my lovely girlfriend's workplace Lady G while we were there we enjoyed a fantastic cup of coffee and we all know that a good cup of coffee makes the day so much brighter and any boring task that more interesting.

Well it's the start of term 4 and we are well ahead to next year at least we have the books to show for it.

Now I have to go and start teaching my prepie handwriting calligraphy style Bahahha wishful thinking here that's how we roll around here.



Monday, 7 October 2013

The last day of school Holidays

Well today is the last day of the school holidays, it came fast and went even faster, we really enjoyed these holidays we did loads of exciting things, we spent loads of time at home gardening, making craft, playing lego.

It was excited for the boys they went to the movies for the first time to watch Smurfs 2, we have never taken the boys to the movies because we have always had a baby, so it would not have be a good experience, but this time we went with some school friends and a friend's mother offered to look after my little girl, It was a nice experience and now we think we will take the boys more often.

We visited the museum, we caught up with friends we did lots of exciting things. On this last day we spent a wonderful time with some friends and WOW they showed us an amazing hospitality after lunch the kids had a swim in their swimming pool, it was boiling hot so it was a good end to the holidays.

Tomorrow the mayhem starts for the next nine weeks oh lordie!!!

*My oldest munchkin he kept himself so entertained playing archeologist

*We did so much gardening these past weeks very productive holidays

Cheers Karla
and ..... Good luck to all parents tomorrow morning.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Cupcake Lady - Zucchini Slice

I really enjoy Zucchini Slice but has never been able to make a good one, and I know it's one of those dishes that are easy to make yes it's easy I know this NOW but let me tell you my history with Zucchini slice, Zucchini fritters I love them and I think they are the most delicious thing on earth and I had always thought you just throw in this and that and Viola there you have it a fantastic meal, I did that and it was awful.

I kept thinking of my friend/ex flatmate Lauren she had this amazing Zucchini fritters recipe and believe me they were the most Yummo things I have ever tasted unfortunately she lost the recipe and we can not remember the quantities after all this was 10 years ago.

A couple of weeks ago I had some Zucchini Slice so today I asked my trusty Chef Google and VIOLA!!!! I have conquered the Zucchini Slice and I am proud to say:

"This Zucchini Slice!!! is easy peasy anyone can make it" and I won't be lying.

It's Delicious perfect for a day like today.


The Cupcake Lady 
Zucchini Slice Master Chef :) 


5 Eggs
150g (1 cup) self raising flour, sifted
375g Zucchini grated
1 large onion, finely chopped
200g rindless bacon, chopped
1 cup grated cheddar cheese
60 mls (1/4 cup) vegetable oil


1.Preheat oven to 170c
2.Grease and line a 30x20cm dish
3.Beat eggs in a large bowl until combined,
4.Add the flour and beat until smooth then 
5.Add zucchini, onion, bacon, cheese and oil and stir to combine
6.Pour into the prepared pan and bake in oven for 30 minutes or until cooked through

Friday, 4 October 2013

The sparkly bits of the WhiteCottage

Today was a good day around here we are all kaput from a busy week, it was great we did some light tidying up even the munchkins got into the action. It was a good day to dust some of our chandeliers I don't know if I have mentioned but I am totally obsessed with chandeliers and have few around the WhiteCottage I just love them they make the most simple room looks so special.

Our Master Bedroom Chandelier

Not a chandelier just his and hers flower vases they live in our Master Bedroom- We found them at Freedom just gorgeous

My walk-in wardrobe chandelier

Our en suite pendant light

I did say I love chandeliers they just make the house so special.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Our trusty chicken

The weather was not too hot today so it was a good day to spend time out in the sunshine - around the WhiteCottage grounds my eldest munchkin spent a long time playing tennis on his tennis ball on a pole its the best invention ever, my middle munchkin played in his sandpit as for me I spent a while weeding the garden, late afternoon was getting close the munchkins and I cleaned and mulched the chicken coop, it never ceases to amaze me how excited the boys are every afternoon when it's time to pick up the eggs.

am sitting here with a cold drink all the windows are open the breeze is coming through I think the much anticipated storm is coming.


A day at the Art Gallery

Yesterday we went on a day trip into town, we went to the museum, the Art Gallery and GOMA.

My oldest munchkin went to GOMA on a recent school excursion and had been asking me about going back, since we were going to the museum and they are right next to each other I thought we will make a day of it.

I packed a picnic basket full of fresh fruit, sandwiches and water.

When we go out for our day trips I always feel like we are going camping with 3 kids aged 5 and under well you know you just about have to pack the whole house. We caught the bus there, the boys love going on the bus especially my oldest munchkin, he recently got his own go card and he feels so special, my middle munchkin he swipes mine and tells me each time that next year he will have his own when he turns 5.
A friend of mine works at the Art Gallery and had mentioned about this Quilt exhibition they were showing, unfortunately I was not able to see the exhibition this time round but I did go and have a wander around the gift store and oh my goodness I was in heaven with all that amazing pottery, handcrafted items and as you know I am never tired, or one can never have enough Cath Kidston items.

We made our way to GOMA my oldest child was itching to go and see the Kangaroo Crew, that is the children activities currently being run at GOMA, we had a fantastic time even the baby was so excited she kept asking "what's that" "What's That" the baby is not so baby she is 13 months and she talks like nobodies business.

On our way out of GOMA, of course I had to stop at the gift store to see what was on offer, well it didn't disappoint especially for those who are fashionistas, they had amazing jewellery and modern items for the home, I instantly thought of my wonderful friend lets call her Selina (to keep her name incognito) Selina is just amazing she is a wonderful woman and is a mother of 3 just like me but she has an exceptional eye for all things wonderful and beautiful, she is a lover of mid 20th century furniture and her personal style is just the same, very modern, her style is very New York with all the bright colours, big necklace and incredible shoes and handbags she wears it with such ease and the great thing is that she does not know what a great gift she has on style and style trends. If it was me wearing it I would probably look like mutton dressed as lamb.

I had thought we could finish the day by visiting the Farmers Markets in town but by the end of day after learning about Dinosaurs, Australian animals and walking around the galleries admiring the exhibitions, we were all Kaput and it was nice to come home and just relax.

Not long before the school holidays are over and then we have to get back to the hustle of bustle of daily life as for today it was a good day. 

Cheers Karla


 Queensland Art Gallery - Check more photos on my Facebook page.