Thursday, 3 October 2013

A day at the Art Gallery

Yesterday we went on a day trip into town, we went to the museum, the Art Gallery and GOMA.

My oldest munchkin went to GOMA on a recent school excursion and had been asking me about going back, since we were going to the museum and they are right next to each other I thought we will make a day of it.

I packed a picnic basket full of fresh fruit, sandwiches and water.

When we go out for our day trips I always feel like we are going camping with 3 kids aged 5 and under well you know you just about have to pack the whole house. We caught the bus there, the boys love going on the bus especially my oldest munchkin, he recently got his own go card and he feels so special, my middle munchkin he swipes mine and tells me each time that next year he will have his own when he turns 5.
A friend of mine works at the Art Gallery and had mentioned about this Quilt exhibition they were showing, unfortunately I was not able to see the exhibition this time round but I did go and have a wander around the gift store and oh my goodness I was in heaven with all that amazing pottery, handcrafted items and as you know I am never tired, or one can never have enough Cath Kidston items.

We made our way to GOMA my oldest child was itching to go and see the Kangaroo Crew, that is the children activities currently being run at GOMA, we had a fantastic time even the baby was so excited she kept asking "what's that" "What's That" the baby is not so baby she is 13 months and she talks like nobodies business.

On our way out of GOMA, of course I had to stop at the gift store to see what was on offer, well it didn't disappoint especially for those who are fashionistas, they had amazing jewellery and modern items for the home, I instantly thought of my wonderful friend lets call her Selina (to keep her name incognito) Selina is just amazing she is a wonderful woman and is a mother of 3 just like me but she has an exceptional eye for all things wonderful and beautiful, she is a lover of mid 20th century furniture and her personal style is just the same, very modern, her style is very New York with all the bright colours, big necklace and incredible shoes and handbags she wears it with such ease and the great thing is that she does not know what a great gift she has on style and style trends. If it was me wearing it I would probably look like mutton dressed as lamb.

I had thought we could finish the day by visiting the Farmers Markets in town but by the end of day after learning about Dinosaurs, Australian animals and walking around the galleries admiring the exhibitions, we were all Kaput and it was nice to come home and just relax.

Not long before the school holidays are over and then we have to get back to the hustle of bustle of daily life as for today it was a good day. 

Cheers Karla


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