Monday, 7 October 2013

The last day of school Holidays

Well today is the last day of the school holidays, it came fast and went even faster, we really enjoyed these holidays we did loads of exciting things, we spent loads of time at home gardening, making craft, playing lego.

It was excited for the boys they went to the movies for the first time to watch Smurfs 2, we have never taken the boys to the movies because we have always had a baby, so it would not have be a good experience, but this time we went with some school friends and a friend's mother offered to look after my little girl, It was a nice experience and now we think we will take the boys more often.

We visited the museum, we caught up with friends we did lots of exciting things. On this last day we spent a wonderful time with some friends and WOW they showed us an amazing hospitality after lunch the kids had a swim in their swimming pool, it was boiling hot so it was a good end to the holidays.

Tomorrow the mayhem starts for the next nine weeks oh lordie!!!

*My oldest munchkin he kept himself so entertained playing archeologist

*We did so much gardening these past weeks very productive holidays

Cheers Karla
and ..... Good luck to all parents tomorrow morning.

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