Friday, 6 November 2015

Old friends long lunch

Today I organised a lunch with my wonderful friend Sam. Sam and I have been friends for a very long time.

I have been thinking about friendships lately all my old friends and my new friends and how things have and are changing as the years go by. I really like Sam because she is extremely clever, always happy and very positive, I also love that she knows everything to know about garden and I always pick her brain for new ideas.

I was really excited to see Sam, she only lives around the corner but our lives get in the way of having a good lunch and a good chat.

Baby munchkin and I came home after school drop off, we needed to make our floral arrangement so we decided to go for an all white theme, we cut some white roses, hibiscus and some mock orange all from the front garden, we placed them on a vintage glass vase  along with crystal glasses and our plate setting and menu it was just perfect.

We had no time to print our menu but an handwriting menu is just as fabulous in my opinion.

While I cooked and chatted we had a platter of homemade cheese and some gorgeous green lemon zest olives form Coles.

For our main we had Grilled Salmon, asparagus on a bed of cauli mash, avocado salsa and green pear salad.

To end our luncheon we had a gorgeous fresh big mango and Lemon, myrtle and macadamia yogurt, I am totally obsessed with this combo and I could eat it day and night.

 and this was the end of a busy week, good friends good food. I need to do this more often with old friends because who doesn't love a good lunch.