Thursday, 4 February 2016

Summer Days

I can truly say we have enjoyed our summer days and continue to enjoy them as I write this.

We spent days on end at the lake, Master Munchkin loved kayaking and paddle boarding on Amelia and Rob's kayak and paddle board.

We made new friends Marylin and Robert, they are so much fun, they made me laugh so hard, we ate, we drunk champers and we danced the jive and the cha cha, they also enjoyed our Australian summer days but now they are enjoying the cold freezing weather of England.

The boys did loads of workshops and activities at Walkabout Creek, they learned so much about the Australian fauna.

It wouldn't be an Australian summer day without our trips to the sun & sand, we enjoyed some delicious gelato at Noosa, a picnic at Redcliffe and new years at the Gold Coast, we are truly blessed to have such choices at our door step.

Part of a good summer day for us is to spend time at home to pot around and to recharge our batteries, we have rules for everyone that we have technology free days, the munchkins spent the longest time reading books, we played board games, the munchkins rode their bikes around the neighbourhood, our motto around here is " Old fashioned fun never goes out style".

We enjoyed so many bubbles.............

We entertained at the Whitecottage non stop nothing makes me more happy than spending time with my little family and friends.

We did something new the boys went to vacation care a couple of days here and there, they just loved their time there, they got to see these little guys hatch, they went to the movies, they made gifts for us and they wore themselves out silly.

Summer days are for long drives and stops at the park.

and of course it wouldn't be our home if we didn't do any baking and baking we did, lots of baking cakes, cupcakes and all kind of sweets.

Summer days are just perfect with my little family, good friends, good food, lots of fun and the odd summer rain.

I hope you are enjoying these Summer days too. Luv Karla

Friday, 6 November 2015

Old friends long lunch

Today I organised a lunch with my wonderful friend Sam. Sam and I have been friends for a very long time.

I have been thinking about friendships lately all my old friends and my new friends and how things have and are changing as the years go by. I really like Sam because she is extremely clever, always happy and very positive, I also love that she knows everything to know about garden and I always pick her brain for new ideas.

I was really excited to see Sam, she only lives around the corner but our lives get in the way of having a good lunch and a good chat.

Baby munchkin and I came home after school drop off, we needed to make our floral arrangement so we decided to go for an all white theme, we cut some white roses, hibiscus and some mock orange all from the front garden, we placed them on a vintage glass vase  along with crystal glasses and our plate setting and menu it was just perfect.

We had no time to print our menu but an handwriting menu is just as fabulous in my opinion.

While I cooked and chatted we had a platter of homemade cheese and some gorgeous green lemon zest olives form Coles.

For our main we had Grilled Salmon, asparagus on a bed of cauli mash, avocado salsa and green pear salad.

To end our luncheon we had a gorgeous fresh big mango and Lemon, myrtle and macadamia yogurt, I am totally obsessed with this combo and I could eat it day and night.

 and this was the end of a busy week, good friends good food. I need to do this more often with old friends because who doesn't love a good lunch.


Monday, 19 October 2015

Girl's weekend away

Over the weekend I went to a birthday party for one of my wonderful friends, the country lady, myself and our friend Selina were invited to party. 

We decided it would be F A N T A S T I C to make a weekend of it and have a girl's weekend.

I was really excited because it was the first time I would be away for most of the weekend, I have never really left the munchkins, yes I do go to work as a night duty nurse but that doesn't count because I leave when the munchkins are asleep and get back when they wake up. 

Anyhoo going back to the girl's weekend away, the country lady picked me up and off we went.

We had loads of fun at the party the birthday girl has been a friend of ours for a very long time, since the time we were young sexy and free, the party was fabulous of course the food was flowing and the cocktails were endless.

It was time to dance our way home, you know it has been a good night when you are eating a magnum at two am.

I was in charge of food and prepared a basket with goodies for the weekend.
For dinner I prepared a mezze style platter with my homemade roast chicken, roast potatoes and greens and of course we couldn't have dinner without a glass or two of moscato.
I was feeling like such a party animal at the birthday party. I was trying to convince the girls that we needed to continue partying and celebrate the birthday and Oktoberfest.

I was not feeling so much like a party animal the day after, I made a big fry up, Selina had the most yummy Greek yogurt infused with myrtle and toasted macadamia it was so delish with a bowl of fresh mangoes.
After breakfast the country lady made her way home and Selina and I just lay around enjoying the hot weather and a cold drink.

How could we not with a backyard like this one. Thanks Selina for hosting us.
I loved the girl's weekend away even if it was only overnight, one must start with baby steps right.!!!!



Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Flowers make me happy

The weather is finally warming up and we are enjoying all the spring sun, one thing that has happen in all this hot weather is that lots of our crop has gone right into flowering, we might not enjoy the broccoli but we are definitely enjoying their flowers, the snow peas and beans are growing fantastically.

The vegetable patch looks alive with all the colours, every morning I enjoy the kitchen window view, this is what I see.

It was my Father-in-law birthday over the weekend, I made a Lemon cake for the occassion and what better way to enjoy the beauty of grown edible flowers than to decorate a cake.

 The cake was delicious, there is nothing more satisfying than knowing that the cake was made in our kitchen and decorated by flowers that we grow in our garden. 

Happy feeling.  

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Father's day 2015

Today is Father's day here in Australia, the munchkins and I woke up early to get ready for the celebrations, Farmer Joe had strict instructions to stay in bed as we were showering him with breakfast and gifts. 

Well he had his breakfast in bed well he was able to eat a piece of fruit toast as there were three little mouths saying "Papa are you going to share your delicious toast".

The morning run pretty smoothly Farmer Joe went to church while the munchkins and I prepared food and by this I mean I cooked and the kids made the biggest mess with Lego.

Lunch time was nearly here, we made our way. Today was all about Farmer Joe and he decided that we would go to the Botanic Gardens for a picnic, then we would wander around the grounds and make our way to QUT as we have been promising the children to take them and showed them where Farmer Joe and I went to university.

Once we arrived at the Gardens the munchkins played in the playground while I set up the table, I made all the food Farmer Joe loves

After wandering around the City Botanic Gardens we made our way to the University, Farmer Joe told the munchkins where his faculty was located, who his friends were, what he did as a past time, the munchkins seem really interesting asking all sort of questions.

Farmer Joe mentioned that he had gone to two universities, the munchkins were screaming "can we go, can we go" so off we went across town, we did a stop over to a gelato place to fetch some delish gelato for the road.

And this was our last stop, we finished our gelato on the lawn, we walked around, it was getting dark so it was time to come back to the Whitecottage.

What a fabulous Father's Day. We love Farmer Joe he is not perfect but he is the perfect dad to our three little munchkins and the perfect husband for me.

Happy Father's day to all. 


Thursday, 20 August 2015

Happy Birthday Beautiful Girl

Our little beautiful munchkin turned 3 years old on the 16th August, this year she has been very aware of what is going on around her and one morning she came and told me that she was having a birthday party with a birthday cake and presents, I hadn't thought about doing a birthday party for her but she was so happy and jumping with excitement that I decided to do a small party at home during the school holidays.

It was such a lovely morning I set up in the front garden, this way we could use the grass area at the front of the Whitecottage to ride our ride-on car and the kids could run up and down the hill.

In the garden I had three tables, one for the food one for the children and one for us mums, it was so easy and relaxing, we sat and enjoyed the morning sun and a cup of tea and some beautiful Salted Caramel tarts made by the Country Lady who had come to stay overnight just for the occasion.

The kids did arts and crafts, they ate sausage rolls and fresh fruit then ran around the garden, it was such a joyous occasion, baby munchkin as we call her was so excited I have never seen her so happy she was jumping and laughing hard.

The party was an all day affair and we had friends popping over throughout the day.

It was a fun day full of love and laughter, I think baby munchkin had a good idea when she told me she was having a birthday party.

After two parties in one month I think I will take a break and put my feet up.

Happy Birthday beautiful girl I love you so much, Mum.