Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Back to the Hustle and Bustle

Back to the hustle and bustle, the school holidays are definitely over, the making of sandwiches, the thinking of what to put on the sandwiches, every morning I wonder when the munchkins will get bored with eating vegemite sandwiches.

So we are two days in an we are onto doing homework, swimming lessons and all the rest of the munchkins and school related things Arrgh......

Today I had to buy next year's books, would you believe it, it is only October and we have to buy books for next year anyhow a couple of us girls decided to tackle the dreaded online book list buying business so what a better place than my lovely girlfriend's workplace Lady G while we were there we enjoyed a fantastic cup of coffee and we all know that a good cup of coffee makes the day so much brighter and any boring task that more interesting.

Well it's the start of term 4 and we are well ahead to next year at least we have the books to show for it.

Now I have to go and start teaching my prepie handwriting calligraphy style Bahahha wishful thinking here that's how we roll around here.



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