Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My thoughts for the year 2013

Every year on this day I write my thoughts on the past year.

2013 was the year of "NEW" when I say new I mean new things, new experiences for me and for the members of my little family.

I started the year trying to work out and juggle being a mother of three little munchkins it was challenging at times but in the end I got there and now it is just normal to have three kids in tow for just about everything I do.

I started to write more often and I started to work casually it has been a crazy year trying to fit volunteering, family, work, baking and all the other pressures we mothers have to endure.

My oldest munchkin started school this year that has been the most amazing change I have seen in a relatively short time, he went from zero to one hundred, I am not going to lie it was a bumpy road at the start then something clicked and we were off, his learning just sky rocketed it is fantastic I could see in his happy face how chuffed he was with himself when he learnt those magic words or when he was the man of the match at soccer, when his serve on the tennis raquet improved all the new things he is experiencing are the foundation for the rest of his life. 

My middle munchkin he has lots of new things he started a new childcare and it is run by nuns so you can imagine he was less than impressed with all the rules he needs to obey by, the improvement in his behaviour is fantastic and I love that he is the only one out of all the munchkins that eats the crust on his sandwich when he eats it he tell me "Sister J say we must not waste and eat our crust on our sandwich"

My little miss munchkin/princess is just adorable she is dressed like a princess thanks to me, but she behaves like a truck driver thanks to her personality, she is 16 months, she is loud, she doesn't take any nonsense from her two oldest brothers. she talks until the cows come home but she only crawls she is just starting to stand up so I am guessing that will be her new years resolution to stand up and walk and then the real fun will start...........

Farmer Joe he is busy as always with his paying job as a Dolphin trainer that is what he tells people when they ask him what he does for living, his paying job is not as exciting as a Dolphin trainer, he can be annoying at times but he is a good guy and dad and the munchkins love when he comes to see them at school or childcare they all fight for whose turn is for papa to take them to soccer training and I think miss munchkin thinks that she doesn't have a mum when Papa is around.

Well that was 2013. New school, New Childcare, New friendships but one thing is always the same our little crazy family, we annoy each other but we love each other and we are surrounded by some fantastic friends.

I love the Whitecottage and her garden, the people and chickens that live here it's chaotic but wouldn't have it any other way.

So with that what more can a girl ask for!!!

Happy New Year


Monday, 30 December 2013

End of years Holidays

The weather is hot and the kids need to get out and what better way than to take advantage of our Queensland weather, we have been going on day trips most days and we have decided to visit, discover and re-discover the water parks and beaches that are in or close to Brisbane and the kids have just loved it, I think I will continue to take the munchkins once Farmer Joe goes back to work.

A bunch of us decided to go for a swim at The Spit on the Gold Coast it was so much fun the kids ran around they made sand castles and the girls and I sat watching all the amazing boats going up and down, after a fab day it was time to head home and we could not believe it we got stuck on a sand dune it was getting late and thank goodness a driver came to our rescue and we were on our merry way, Oh I kept thinking if we can't get out we might have to sleep here then I thought maybe Farmer Joe can sleep in the car and the munchkins and I can sleep at the Versace Palazzo it is only a few blocks away HAHAHA a girl can dream right?
We went for an early morning swim to Manly and Wynnum and how fab there were some markets so we had a light wander, The munchkins really enjoyed the play centre in the swimming pool we packed a morning tea  and had just pure fun. 

I am totally loving my new picnic plates from House&Garden which I bought the other day at the Myer sales - Major score.  What do you think?

Oh well I wonder where the wind will takes us next.


Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Lunch

The big day arrived Farmer Joe set up the marquee and operation Christmas Lunch set up was well underway first thing in the morning. I was so happy as Christmas day is also my birthday so I baked myself a small cake and the munchkins kept telling me "Happy Birthday Mum" it was so beautiful. 

The rose garden is in full bloom, they made beautiful centre pieces. The WhiteCottage smelt beautiful with all the food being prepared.

This year we have had so much fun our wonderful friends joined us for Christmas lunch let's called them Fam H. they are just wonderful Mr H is from Sweden and he brought his famous Ginger Bread house it was something out of a magazine, the munchkins destroyed and ate it in one second.

We were literally stuffed like ducks with all the cold meats, the roast chicken, the prawns, and the squillions of salads, Farmer Joe and Mr H of course they had to have a drink or two of the hard stuff.
Farmer Joe and the Cupcake lady broke into dance literally!!!! we dance to 90's & 80's  music.

We played tenpin bowling, Quoits and connect four which I must say I am the Champion to much of Farmer Joe's pain.

It was a fantastic day filled with love, laughter and plenty of food, just how Christmas should be. As I write this I am having a Nigella moment eating left over ham and chocolate cake.

Merry Christmas

Monday, 23 December 2013

Christmas Celebrations #2


 Last night we had our Christmas Celebration #2 with our dear friends who also happened to be the children's godparents and god sister, it was a great night with lots of chatting, lots of eating and attempting to play Dominos, I played Dominos as a child with my late father so it was nice to get the dominos out and give them a crack, before dinner the boys played soccer we ladies had some bubbles I even serenaded Farmer Joe with my off key guitar playing and singing, I won't be getting a record deal any time soon.


The dining table setting was very simple I didn't have much time to set up we had afternoon Christmas drinks with some friends so it was a mad dash to our friends house and then back to get organised for dinner. I cut some roses from the garden for the table centre pieces and some rosemary for the napkins, they smelt divine.

The Marvellous Monica  decided to play a Christmas song and was teaching baby Munchkin to play piano it can never be early I guess, I must say Monica's piano playing was amazing in comparison to my guitar playing one reason could be that she can actually play the piano and me well my guitar playing is music to my own ears as everyone was begging me to stop.

The evening came to an end with a good plunger coffee and some sweets, I am loving Christmas and all the love and affection people show for each other.

Well two Christmas Celebrations down onto the the big one I must get on to it not long now.



Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Lights

It is not a secret that I LOVE Christmas so last night we visited a different spot we went to the Stafford Heights Baptist Church, there weren't as many lights but the entertainment was just fantastic, they have a bazaar full of homemade goodies, I met a really nice lady who sells her aromatic candles they are just fab I bought a couple and I can't wait to burn them on Christmas eve. There was a gentleman making wooden toys and giving the children free spinning tops, the munchkins just thought that was so amazing oh and the most fun thing for them was the puppet show.  They also had a couple of huge train and village sets for the munckins to look at...it was enough for Farmer Joe to go back to his childhood. Well there were so many beautiful things to see and buy it was a great night indeed.    

Friday, 20 December 2013

Pre Christmas Celebrations

We are officially in Christmas Celebration mode, it all started yesterday when our friend Mel and her munchkins came to stay overnight, we were so excited to see them, the kids waited by the door for minutes which seemed like hours, when they arrived and the celebration started.

The kids run riot which goes without saying, we chin waged until the cows came home and I cooked a delicious dinner.

When the kids finally had a bath and went to bed Mel and I sat by the Christmas tree and finished off the rest of the bubbles we had opened for dinner.

What a great start to a week of pure Christmas spirit, friends and family.



Thursday, 19 December 2013

Let the Festive season really begins

Today my fab friend Mel and her munchkins are staying with us to do some pre-Christmas celebrations. I can't wait to chin wag, to drink some bubbles and watch the our munchkins run a riot.

I am semi prepare, Me"s bedroom is done CHECK, freshly cut roses from the garden in a vase for Mel's room CHECK CHECK, bubbles in the fridge CHECK CHECK CHECK.   



Wednesday, 18 December 2013

One Week before Christmas

I can not believe it. It is one week until Christmas and I was so confident a week ago that I had everything under control, yes I was like a peacock with all my feathers out strutting my stuff thinking yeah I am ready for the festive season and NOW!!!!! It is one week to go and my house looks like I have been burgled I have a guest coming over to stay for a couple of days so I better get my skates on and finish the cleaning and tidying up.

Today I will be like a woman on crack, cleaning; going to do the dreaded food shopping and to find the last of the gifts and if by any miracle I have time I need to bake a mammoth amount of Christmas biscuits to give to our love ones all these with 3 kids in tow.

Why and how I thought last week I was under control, I was like a cool cucumber I think I was delusional, anyhow at least the house looks festive, the Christmas tree is up, the roses are blooming and once my wonderful friend the Country Lady and her munchkins arrive I will be able to put my feet up and enjoy a glass or two of bubbles and watch five children five and under in age destroy all the amazing cleaning I will be doing today.

At least I will be drunk………………  

Cheers Karla