Tuesday, 15 October 2013

The Big Smoke

Today I had to run errands after school and Kindy drop off, after that I had a couple of hours to spare so miss munchkin and I set out on the train to the Big Smoke aka Brisbane CBD. 

I do go to the CBD quite often really but not usually for me, when I go it is to take the munchkins to the library and museum so there is never enough time to go and wander around the stores, but today was different I only had little missy and she was asleep in her pram for a very long time. 

I went to my favourite store to buy a few cosmetics and perfume, I know I have to admit I love wearing make up and lippie even if the only exciting thing I am doing is taking children to school,  mulching the chicken coop and attending to the vegie patch, I have to look good doing it right?

I saw this fabulous swarovski crystal necklace so fabulous but really I think it's too much for moi I don't think the chickens will appreciate it while I am telling them to get out of the way as I throw sugar cane mulch around their house.

As I write I smell delish and I am sporting my favourite Lipgloss.... you can never look to fabulous even if you are just mulching chicken coops.



*The Big Smoke..... The Brisbane CBD

 *My favourite place to buy cosmetics especially Lipglosses

*One can only dream........ I wonder if this necklace goes with my gumboots


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