Friday, 25 October 2013

In Retrospect - Hasting Street at night

This evening we walked down to Hasting street for a bit of a wander and a Gelato, Hasting St looked marvelous like a scene from a romantic movie the trees have been dressed with fairy lights the street looked so whimsical, we had to take a picture under this beautiful tree, just wonderful.

The tourists were walking about, having dinner in those amazing restaurants or they were just like us sitting on a bench at the Gelateria enjoying a delicious Gelato, while farmer Joe and I finished our gelato the munchkins ran up and down the street, I never get bored of hearing the ocean waves breaking so it's nice to enjoy them as a background noise

Well it was getting late and it was time to walk up the hill to burn off the delicious gelato we just chowed down.



  1. Wow! I have loved reading about your holiday with your beautiful family! Don't you just love Noosa in the spring/summertime. Hastings St looks like it is all dressed for Christmas already! I wish I was up there with the family right now!

    1. Hello Bag Lady, we had the best time and yes Hasting St is just spectacular at night, I felt like I was on a romantic movie walking through it. yes you must go its incredible. Cheers Karla