Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A keen Gardener

The other day we went to visit a dear friends of ours, she has recently become a garden enthusiast, after breakfast we spent a good time just wandering around her garden and the new things she has done to it, including the new plants she has added to her garden, we exchanged ideas on how to improve the foliage of this how to prune that, you know just the normal natter of two gardeners.'

My friend reminded me of ME  a few years ago before The cupcake lady and Farmer Joe met and came to live in the WhiteCottage. 

The things is a few years ago I knew what I liked and what I wanted I had a vision but I didn't know how to put all these things together. I remember when I was 20 years old and I lived in my little post war house which I adored and I still adore, I had a huge garden and it had some established trees but I was dying to have a cottage garden, it was pretty difficult to grow a cottage garden when we live in a subtropical weather and I had no clue about gardening or what a garden bed was. Oh lordie!!!!

Fast forward - The Cupcake lady and Farmer Joe met and a while later we came to the WhiteCottage and VIOLA I hit the jackpot farmer Joe actually grew up on a vegetable farm and he actually knew what a garden bed was (Thank Goodness) what grows well in our climate although its a ongoing learning experience for both us our humble garden is looking promising.

As for my friend she is well ahead onto having a fantastic garden, she has the enthusiasm to make her garden an amazing place and as she told me she has Google to help her when she has a question, If Google does not answers her question she always has Farmer Joe to tell her and if she wants to know what a garden bed is well she can always ask me :)



*here are some pics of her pretty flowers

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