Thursday, 26 December 2013

Christmas Lunch

The big day arrived Farmer Joe set up the marquee and operation Christmas Lunch set up was well underway first thing in the morning. I was so happy as Christmas day is also my birthday so I baked myself a small cake and the munchkins kept telling me "Happy Birthday Mum" it was so beautiful. 

The rose garden is in full bloom, they made beautiful centre pieces. The WhiteCottage smelt beautiful with all the food being prepared.

This year we have had so much fun our wonderful friends joined us for Christmas lunch let's called them Fam H. they are just wonderful Mr H is from Sweden and he brought his famous Ginger Bread house it was something out of a magazine, the munchkins destroyed and ate it in one second.

We were literally stuffed like ducks with all the cold meats, the roast chicken, the prawns, and the squillions of salads, Farmer Joe and Mr H of course they had to have a drink or two of the hard stuff.
Farmer Joe and the Cupcake lady broke into dance literally!!!! we dance to 90's & 80's  music.

We played tenpin bowling, Quoits and connect four which I must say I am the Champion to much of Farmer Joe's pain.

It was a fantastic day filled with love, laughter and plenty of food, just how Christmas should be. As I write this I am having a Nigella moment eating left over ham and chocolate cake.

Merry Christmas

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