Monday, 30 December 2013

End of years Holidays

The weather is hot and the kids need to get out and what better way than to take advantage of our Queensland weather, we have been going on day trips most days and we have decided to visit, discover and re-discover the water parks and beaches that are in or close to Brisbane and the kids have just loved it, I think I will continue to take the munchkins once Farmer Joe goes back to work.

A bunch of us decided to go for a swim at The Spit on the Gold Coast it was so much fun the kids ran around they made sand castles and the girls and I sat watching all the amazing boats going up and down, after a fab day it was time to head home and we could not believe it we got stuck on a sand dune it was getting late and thank goodness a driver came to our rescue and we were on our merry way, Oh I kept thinking if we can't get out we might have to sleep here then I thought maybe Farmer Joe can sleep in the car and the munchkins and I can sleep at the Versace Palazzo it is only a few blocks away HAHAHA a girl can dream right?
We went for an early morning swim to Manly and Wynnum and how fab there were some markets so we had a light wander, The munchkins really enjoyed the play centre in the swimming pool we packed a morning tea  and had just pure fun. 

I am totally loving my new picnic plates from House&Garden which I bought the other day at the Myer sales - Major score.  What do you think?

Oh well I wonder where the wind will takes us next.


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