Tuesday, 31 December 2013

My thoughts for the year 2013

Every year on this day I write my thoughts on the past year.

2013 was the year of "NEW" when I say new I mean new things, new experiences for me and for the members of my little family.

I started the year trying to work out and juggle being a mother of three little munchkins it was challenging at times but in the end I got there and now it is just normal to have three kids in tow for just about everything I do.

I started to write more often and I started to work casually it has been a crazy year trying to fit volunteering, family, work, baking and all the other pressures we mothers have to endure.

My oldest munchkin started school this year that has been the most amazing change I have seen in a relatively short time, he went from zero to one hundred, I am not going to lie it was a bumpy road at the start then something clicked and we were off, his learning just sky rocketed it is fantastic I could see in his happy face how chuffed he was with himself when he learnt those magic words or when he was the man of the match at soccer, when his serve on the tennis raquet improved all the new things he is experiencing are the foundation for the rest of his life. 

My middle munchkin he has lots of new things he started a new childcare and it is run by nuns so you can imagine he was less than impressed with all the rules he needs to obey by, the improvement in his behaviour is fantastic and I love that he is the only one out of all the munchkins that eats the crust on his sandwich when he eats it he tell me "Sister J say we must not waste and eat our crust on our sandwich"

My little miss munchkin/princess is just adorable she is dressed like a princess thanks to me, but she behaves like a truck driver thanks to her personality, she is 16 months, she is loud, she doesn't take any nonsense from her two oldest brothers. she talks until the cows come home but she only crawls she is just starting to stand up so I am guessing that will be her new years resolution to stand up and walk and then the real fun will start...........

Farmer Joe he is busy as always with his paying job as a Dolphin trainer that is what he tells people when they ask him what he does for living, his paying job is not as exciting as a Dolphin trainer, he can be annoying at times but he is a good guy and dad and the munchkins love when he comes to see them at school or childcare they all fight for whose turn is for papa to take them to soccer training and I think miss munchkin thinks that she doesn't have a mum when Papa is around.

Well that was 2013. New school, New Childcare, New friendships but one thing is always the same our little crazy family, we annoy each other but we love each other and we are surrounded by some fantastic friends.

I love the Whitecottage and her garden, the people and chickens that live here it's chaotic but wouldn't have it any other way.

So with that what more can a girl ask for!!!

Happy New Year


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