Sunday, 6 September 2015

Father's day 2015

Today is Father's day here in Australia, the munchkins and I woke up early to get ready for the celebrations, Farmer Joe had strict instructions to stay in bed as we were showering him with breakfast and gifts. 

Well he had his breakfast in bed well he was able to eat a piece of fruit toast as there were three little mouths saying "Papa are you going to share your delicious toast".

The morning run pretty smoothly Farmer Joe went to church while the munchkins and I prepared food and by this I mean I cooked and the kids made the biggest mess with Lego.

Lunch time was nearly here, we made our way. Today was all about Farmer Joe and he decided that we would go to the Botanic Gardens for a picnic, then we would wander around the grounds and make our way to QUT as we have been promising the children to take them and showed them where Farmer Joe and I went to university.

Once we arrived at the Gardens the munchkins played in the playground while I set up the table, I made all the food Farmer Joe loves

After wandering around the City Botanic Gardens we made our way to the University, Farmer Joe told the munchkins where his faculty was located, who his friends were, what he did as a past time, the munchkins seem really interesting asking all sort of questions.

Farmer Joe mentioned that he had gone to two universities, the munchkins were screaming "can we go, can we go" so off we went across town, we did a stop over to a gelato place to fetch some delish gelato for the road.

And this was our last stop, we finished our gelato on the lawn, we walked around, it was getting dark so it was time to come back to the Whitecottage.

What a fabulous Father's Day. We love Farmer Joe he is not perfect but he is the perfect dad to our three little munchkins and the perfect husband for me.

Happy Father's day to all. 


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