Friday, 6 March 2015

Those who wait good things come - My Pom Pom clutch

At the start of the week I received a wonderful package in the mail. I was so excited when the postman knocked on the door because one I had a parcel and two it was not a bill.

I was not expecting anything in the mail so I jumped like a school girl when I opened the parcel and found out it was a belated birthday present from my wonderful friend Sarah from sfh_design.

The thing is that I wanted this pom pom clutch purse since I saw it and was hoping Santa would bring it for me (read here) but I think Santa ran out of time and forgot to get it.

Now I am the proud owner of my wonderful Pom Pom Clutch purse, so I decided to use it every single day this week and what fun my Pom Pom clutch purse and I had.

Anyhoo here is my week with my Pom Pom clutch purse and don't forget to check sfh_design, you wont be disappointed

 A parcel arrived for Moi

OMG A POM POM clutch purse
 That same day I had to volunteer at the school so it was perfect with my black pants and wedges.
 I met with my favourite English roses for a morning tea
 while I waited for the munchkins to come out from school a mum asked me about the clutch thank goodness Sarah placed a card inside the clutch
 I met with my fabulous fashionista friend Selina for Lunch at Double Shot where the people are beautiful and fabulous so I was right at home with my new clutch

and dessert was served and that was my week, Farmer Joe and I are going out for an early dinner so you guess it I am taking my new accessory because I am like a kid with a new toy.

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