Monday, 23 March 2015

A Birthday Surprise

Late last week it was our eldest munchkin's birthday, he turned 7 years old, we asked him if he had thought of a theme for his birthday party, he replied that he didn't want a birthday party he just wanted to have a party with us and us only, I spent weeks trying to convince him to have a celebration I had suggestions like

Me: let's have a party in the park
Munchkin: Nooo
Me: let's invite 10 friends to Freestyles tout
Munchkin: Noooo.... I want a party just with the 5 of us

So with that it was decided it was going to be a party of five then we had the great idea to surprise him on a mini staycation. The day had arrived he woke up like any other morning when we said we were going on a holiday right now he appeared a bit confused and was worried that he had a talk that day at school and was going to miss out on his talk time, after explaining that I had spoken to his fabulous grade 2 teacher and she had assured me that he could do his talk when he got back from the holiday.

We were on our way to Bargara Beach to have a birthday party. I must say it was such a laid back party, just the five of us, Master munchkin kept thanking us for a great birthday party he told us this was the best birthday party he has ever had and that he loved the weather, my heart melted to see him so happy and so grateful for the party the way he wanted it with the food and drinks he requested.

and this was one of the best birthday parties we have had.

Master munchkin's favourite drinks

Chocolate mousse

Piggie cupcakes made by The Cupcake Lady

Pig Pinata made by Moi

Pigs in the mud cake made by The Cupcake Lady
one of the pigs legs did not escape little 2 year olds little hands
and this was our beautiful munchkin's 7th birthday
Happy Birthday Luka I love you

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