Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Master Class with Karla the Cupcake Lady

Today my fabulous friend Amanda came over, she called me last week to ask whether I could give her a hand to make her daughter's cake.

This is the story, I met Amanda through my wonderful friend Cathy, Cathy is Amanda's mother in law and we have all been friends for a while now, I used to make Amanda's daughter birthday cakes, well that was until today when Amanda became a cake decorator herself and put me out of business.

Amanda mentioned how her dream was to make her daughter's cake and felt disappointed that she didn't know how to so of course I am more than happy to show her easy ways for a beginner to decorate a cake.

we started with the basics, Amanda bought some sponge cakes, icing fondant and some fondant shapes cutters, we spread jam between each cake layer.

we coloured the icing fondant sky blue and we started to roll it out to the length and width we needed, we used a combination of white icing fondant and sky blue fondant, we spread some warm jam onto the cake and we placed the fondant on top of it to fully cover the cake, once this was finished we started making snow flakes because the cake theme is Frozen, we rolled some small icing fondant into balls to cover the seams.

and VIOLA!!!! the cake is done. I had the best time decorating this cake with my wonderful friend who from now on will be making her own daughter's cake, I am not sad that I lost her business because now I have someone who lives around the corner and who shares the same passion as me.

Well done Amanda you have done a fabulous job.
cheers from Karla the Cupcake Lady

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