Saturday, 14 February 2015

I dropped the cake

Alana's birthday cake

Well nearly dropped the cake I caught it in time but not before the whole icing decoration was in total ruin.

Let me start from the beginning a couple of weeks ago my intagram friend Sharon asked me whether I could make an Ombre cake for her daughter's 1st birthday, I immediately said yes after all I have made my fair share of Ombre cakes in my time.

Everything ran smoothly and I set way across town with the cake when I arrived to Sharon's home somehow I lost control of the cake and disaster happened, I started to panic so many thought rushed through my mind, I kept thinking about the disappointment for Sharon, the fact that I had ruined the party, I could not believe Sharon she was cool as a cucumber even though I imagine she was mortified on the inside, she kept saying it will be alright I know you can fix this, I know you can fix this.

I rushed to the nearest Woolies and got some supplies, I was so upset (I am still so upset) that I have caused this, anyone that knows me knows that I hate disappointing people, I couldn't stop crying I could not believe it, I still can not believe it, in all the years I have been baking this has never happened and I know it happens to people, I just didn't want it to happen to me especially not on Baby Alana's first birthday party.

I couldn't make another Ombre cake I didn't have the tools, I quickly asked Sharon if I could make a floral cake, I still could not believe how calm and collected she was she replied yes that would be fine so I started to make more icing and decorated the cake.

As I was decorating the cake Sharon's step son came to me, it was like a scene from Water for Chocolate I was crying all over the cake, he put his hand on my shoulder and told me it was fine accidents happens and the cake was looking beautiful, I could not believe a boy of maybe 13-14 years old could be so polite and thoughtful.
The floral cake photo courtesy of @Michele_judd instagram
It's then that I thought how lucky Sharon is to have such beautiful daughter and family, her whole family was so polite and nice they were all so supportive towards me, I realised that the party was not ruined because the cake was not an Ombre cake how can a party be ruined when the birthday girl has brought so much happiness to her lovely parents, brother and sister and it's going to grow up with so much love around her.

I am not going to lie I am feeling down about the whole incident but I have seen the pics on instagram and it looks like it was a fabulous day full of laughter, games and cake.

Happy Birthday Alana.

love The Cupcake Lady

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