Saturday, 31 January 2015

We survived - Back to School

School is back and we survived our first week. Our first week for prep and grade 2, I am not going to lie I was nervous, I was not sure how the munchkins were going to react to going to school for the little one, new teacher for the oldest one, but my worries were not warranted, they did well, my gorgeous preppie just loved it and he loves his teachers, he is excited he has the same teachers as his big brother.

As for me I am back to the hustle and bustle of running munchkins to school, sports, music and everything in between.

and I know we are back at school when I had to get up this morning to bake some fresh cupcakes for the Election day school cake stall, I already voted (you can read here) so I think we will go for a coffee after the cupcake drop off.

Anyhoo.... I better go and put on some lippy and run.

Enjoy Karla

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