Thursday, 22 January 2015

Vote for Pedro

This week is Election week here in Brisbane so I went today to do an early ballot because on Saturday I am err....... busy!?.

I have been meaning to go all week but things just popped up and couldn't make it so this morning after breakfast we set off on our scooter ride to the election voting place.

Once we arrived we got greeted by party supporters all smiling giving pamphlets away, well let me start by saying I won't comment on the elections or voting mainly because I do not have a political science degree so I am not really qualified to make any political statements except that I met a young girl who told me her party was all for supporting the nurses, I thought she was lovely I continued to push the smart trike up the hill while hyperventilating I might add, when I got greeted by Campbell Newman supporters then I remembered that I met him a few years back at a speech I made at City Hall and I remember he was lovely, then just before entering the hall I got greeted by Kate Jones, we had a light chat about how hot it was and how the kids start school next week so she was lovely and..... that's why I can not make any statements because I think everyone is lovely.

But let me speak about things I am semi-qualified to speak of and that is flowers, garden nurseries and ice blocks.

We had no plans for today so after the voting we decided to got to our local garden nursery (2km round trip) and buy an ice block, we stopped along the way for a play at the park.

We arrived at the garden nursery and we enjoyed a nice cold bottle of water and a calippo, we wandered around the nursery, the munchkins saying we must come back tomorrow with papa to buy some plants(I think they mean more ice-blocks) The nursery is just wonderful with the ray of colour from all the beautiful plants.

How good are ice-blocks on a hot day?

Three hours later we made our way back to the Whitecottage and we were all kaput and out of commission for the rest of the afternoon enjoying the air con.

As I write I may or may not be eating a raspberry ice block.

I must make a list of plants I need to go and buy on Saturday.


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