Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Happy Birthday Cordelia

Yesterday I contacted my wonderful friend Rhi to arrange a catch up and a coffee, she said to pop over her home today as she had tradies and could not leave the house she also mentioned it was Cordelia's birthday and for us to bring our swimmers and have a splash in the swimming pool.

Right a light bulb went on, I had lemons, flour and eggs thanks to my trusty chickens so I baked a lemon cake and decorated it with some Alstromerias. I wanted to make a soft garden cake for one of my favourite English roses, the beautiful Cordelia who today turned 4 years old.

Anyhoo...we had been splashing in the swimming pool for a little while when the lovely Tina from Lady Chatterley's Affair popped in she came with her two beautiful munchkins and all of the sudden it was a birthday party. hip hip hooray!!!!!

We had one more piece of cake and coffee next thing we knew it was time for us to return to the Whitecottage.

I totally love unplanned parties don't you?

PS. I just saw that Lady Chatterley's Affair is having a sale on her website check it out so many wonderful things.

Well I have 2 lemons and some icing left so waste not I will make one more cake for good luck.

Happy Birthday Cordelia!!!!
Don't miss out on a good sale

cheers Karla.

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