Friday, 2 January 2015

Inpromptu road beat the heat

This morning we went for a drive to the Brookfield Pet and Produce Pavilion to fetch some chicken feed, we left first thing in the morning as it was hot and the munchkins were full of beans, we quite enjoy going to Brookfield it's only 10 minutes away, we drive through the forest and I quite enjoy sight seeing the beautiful homes and their gorgeous acres of land.

This morning we had the pleasure to met the Curious Caravan and it's owner Naja, the caravan is just a darling it's white and soft pink with the most gorgeous vintage d├ęcor the buntings, the good coffee and good conversation was just a delight.

Naja mentioned she will be there until the 12th January

Once we left the produce store we decided to go for a drive and next thing we knew we were in Moggill, the munchkins were screaming that they wanted to go on the ferry, so off we went to go on the ferry, destination no-where. We got off the ferry and drove around and we ended up at Mt Crosby and back to Brookfield.

The munchkins fell asleep on the way home it was a great opportunity to pot around the garden without little feet at the bottom of my skirt, Our front rose garden is looking a bit sad partly from the heat and partly because I haven't been out to attend to it because it is too hot.

Well it's that time of the day where I must feed some hungry people around here, we had a lovely day of just exploring the great south east, I wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Cheers Karla


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