Saturday, 27 December 2014

Happy Birthday.... to ME

I am a Christmas baby, yes I was born on Christmas day which it can be an inconvenient day to be born if you love celebrating birthday and as everyone knows one thing I love is celebrating....anything I love birthdays, holidays, baby showers I can pretty much find an excuse to celebrate any occasion.

I usually have some friends over for a drink and some food around November but this year I was Kaput around November life got in the way of my celebrating.
First thing on the agenda was to open Christmas/Birthday presents I must of been good this year as I got some pretty cool things, cooking books dah.. that's no brainer I love cooking books, I got a selfie stick yes I am a sucker for taking selfies I just need to work out how to use it.
After all the presents it was time to hit the beach our destination was Caloundra, it was so hot there were beach goers everywhere celebrating  Christmas Day, when we arrived we had a long swim then it was time to have some lunch and just relax, we found a good spot by the beach there was a huge family celebrating they had the most darling decorations and a mini Christmas tree with presents they were so friendly.
Next to our spot there was a Polynesian Couple they seem so in love he was serenading his lady with his guitar which was good for us as we had background music.
I wanted to keep the day simple and relax I had packed some left over from the day before made some individual triffles and baked myself a small cake which I decorated with the roses from our garden, we spent the rest of the afternoon just relaxing I loved how the lanterns and the bunting were dangling about with the wind.
Well and that was my birthday, Just perfection.


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