Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Day

The day was finally here, Christmas Day, well for us it was Christmas Eve as Farmer Joe and I both grew up celebrating Christmas on Christmas Eve so we have decided to keep the tradition.

This year was a pretty small event as my brother Frank is spending Christmas in Iquique, Chile on his one year around South America, with that in mind we had a really lovely stress free lunch just with our small family, the 5 of us.

I loved Christmas as a child I grew up with a very large family with cousins and aunties spending the holiday season together, the aunties would cook up a storm and us children would run amok.

I love that sense of tradition that comes with Christmas celebrations I love the food that is only cooked on that day, the games we play as a family, the fact that the munchkins are on their best behaviour because they know that the next day Santa is coming.

This year was wonderful, the kids understood the meaning of Christmas and I am so proud of our eldest munchkin because this year is the first year that he got to read all the cracker jokes as he can read now, he was so chuffed about himself reading the jokes that he read them to us over and over again and we laughed over and over again.

After enjoying a cup of coffee while the munchkins jump themselves silly on the jumping castle, then it was time to go to church.

And that was Christmas at the Whitecottage very casual but with lots of love and building memories for our little family.

I hope you also had a fantastic day with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas


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