Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Our Christmas Tree

Today Master Munchkin and I spent the day decorating our Christmas Tree, we had the most fun taking all the ornaments out, I love how master munchkin told me a story about each ornament and how he viewed the ornaments as special, very special and not so special, I was told that all the not so special ones could go at the bottom of the tree just in case baby munchkin pulls them off.

I love our Christmas tree the house is not decorated completely until the tree is up, our tree houses all kinds of ornaments from very expensive to all the hand crafted ornaments which are my favourites, we have labelled them at the back with the child's name and year made.

As the years go by we are running out of branches to hang our beautiful ornaments but I guess when it comes to Christmas trees, more is more. Well as I write this the Christmas lights are flashing and I am having one more look at my beautiful nutcrackers which I have missed all year.

I love Christmas.


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