Saturday, 1 November 2014

World Teacher's Day

Yesterday was world teacher’s day, as everyone knows I love teachers, my father was a teacher, I just have great respect and love for teachers, I am a believer that a good teacher makes the difference in a child’s education.
Anyhow our eldest munchkin’s grade was in charge of hosting a morning tea to thank all the teachers and school staff for the amazing work they do throughout the year.
I jumped at the opportunity to decorate and style the teacher’s tea room, I loaded up the car with the munchkins and all my high tea stuff, once we were there we had a couple of mums helping out with setting the table and individual gift hampers, the whole grade was really generous there was so much delicious home cooking. 

The morning tea was just a small gesture to say thank you for all the fabulous work they do! We feel so lucky to have so many wonderful teachers.
 30 individuals cookies boxes made by The Cupcake Lady

 Munchkin's gifts for his teachers
Morning tea at the Teacher's tea room 

Hampers for the Teachers

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