Monday, 27 October 2014

The weekend that was

The weather is hotting up here in Brisbane, for the next few months we will be enjoying sun and sand.

Over the weekend we did just that and what a fab time we had, we drove to Wellington Point in the Redlands district, farmer Joe's old stomping ground, it is only about 45 minutes from the CBD we often go for a quick splash.

Unfortunately, on our most recent outing there the tide was we decided to walk to a little island at the end of the sand bar.

The munchkins enjoyed chasing the little crabs as they scurried into their holes in the mud. The boys pretended to be pirates and drew treasure maps into the sand and dug for hidden treasure.

 The tide was low we made our way to the island
 Enjoying the cool water on a hot day
 We picked shells and coral on our way

 The choices were aplenty
 I was so proud of the munchkins we walked a 1 hour round trip
to the island
 The view from the Island
 We came back to the main land just when the sun was going down we unpacked our dinner, some boiled eggs, salad, fruit
and one last play before heading home.
And that was our weekend full of fun, sun and sand.

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