Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Your Presence is my Present

The Holidays are well and truly over, today was the first day back at school, I spent the day relaxing watched some TV and talked to my cousin in America and kept thinking how fast these holidays went, maybe this happened because we were having so much fun.

Speaking of fun, we were the hosts on steroids we had a total of 10 different types of hostings, we had friends staying over, morning teas, afternoon, teas, high teas, luncheons with old, new, school and instagram friends. They all had something in common we all had SO MUCH fun and they all were so generous with their time and gifts (for me).

I have spoken before about trying to send a small package of goodies when your friends come over to visit and I have said time and time again no one complains about going home with some baking or fresh eggs or something homemade.

Well now I can talk about how lucky I have been to receive hostess gifts over the last few weeks although not expected I am truly grateful because they have come from special people and I cherish them.


I am a believer that a gift does not need to cost the earth but I think if you are inclined to give a hostess gift you should give something you will want to receive as a gift yourself.

For example

It is not a secret I am a baker so I will try to bring some sort of baked goods or bring something from my garden or eggs from our trusted chickens.

If you are time poor or not a baker why not give them a plant or something cute from a good store, the local bakery is always a hit for some yummy goodies.

Remember it is not about the price but about the thought behind the gift and don't feel pressure to bring a gift, after all

" your presence is my present"

I have had so many laughs and chats over the last two weeks and how lucky am I and my little family to have received these goodies.


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