Saturday, 25 October 2014

Latin Dancing anyone?

 everyone had their dancing shoes
 even Luisa was keen for a dance broken leg and all
My Dancing Senorita shoes
Yuriko & Catherine looking fab
Last night some of my school mum friends and I had a girls night out the theme was a nice dinner followed by Latin Dancing.

I was so excited to go Latin Dancing I love to dance and Latin Dancing was such a big part of my life as a teenager and young adult, I used danced about 20 hours per week and I used to attend the classes and then helped with the classes, I guess like an instructor, then Saturday night would come and it was time to hit the club. I remember that I was one of those people that we would be begging the DJ for one more song before close time at 3am...those were the days.

Well not much Latin Dancing has happened for many years, unfortunately I had a life changing car accident a few years ago and that was the end of the girl in her high heels and her Latin Dancing.

Last night I was prepared, I had my shoes and I had the moves (not really) and off I went to meet the girls, we had the most delicious dinner at Fat Noodles inside the Casino, after a few glasses of bubbles it was time for some dancing but not before a stop over to Passion Tree. I have never been to such a place, the desserts were out of this world it broke every dieting rule ever made, it was so delish. We decided on this ice number when it came out we were in stitches it could of fed the whole restaurant.

We had so many laughs and we chin wagged until the cows came home the topics were very intellectual the topics ranged between children to Brazilian waxing and anything in between.

By the time we finished the biggest dessert of mankind it was time for Latin Dancing except that we were so full that instead of Dancing we rolled back home. 

Oh well not dancing after all but I had the same or more fun as those days when I was a dancing senorita and there is always next weekend.


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