Friday, 17 October 2014

Old Fashioned Fun

This week the Country Lady came to visit overnight and she brought a huge bucket of her fresh organic limes, a light bulb went up as soon as we saw them "Lime Sale" the munchkins were so excited to set up their own Lime Sale at the front of the Whitecottage.

There were too many to just sell outside our home so what better way than send Farmer Joe to work with a bucket of fresh organic limes, he called me not long after he got into his office to let me know he had sold some on the street on the way in to the office.

Back at the Whitecottage we were all systems go, we had our table, our bucket full of limes, our sign and our coin jar, all we needed were some customers and it was not long before we were in business. We watched people from our window buying limes and my middle munchkins would run so excitedly to fetch the takings.

So here we are what a fun day it was on our Lime stand, master munchkin had fun and the Country Lady made enough money to buy some mulch.

It was never about making money but just to have plain old fashioned fun.

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