Thursday, 10 July 2014

Winter Harvest Festival

Anyone that knows me knows two things, I love the countryside and winter, the other day when we visited Kalfresh at Kalbar we found out that the Winter Harvest Festival was on at Aratula, the neighbouring town, not soon had they told us that we were on our merry way to the festival, gosh words can not describe how beautiful the setting was ,there were local fresh produce stores ,cooking lessons by the amazing Alastair McLeod, outside the podium there were free rides for the children, live music, and delish food, we had the potato leak and bacon soup, (vegetarians look away) we had the most delish pork ribs, I am still dreaming of them.

Somehow Farmer Joe got roped into the tractor pulling competition, we were cheering like crazy people the munchkins loved playing with the hay bales, while I enjoyed all the yummy food and the scenery.

The Winter Harvest Festival was part of the eat local week that runs through the scenic rim and Aratula was the last pit stop of a week of food and indulgence on local produce from the region, who knew not me! but we are definitely putting this in the calendar for next year.

On the way back home we stumbled upon a farm shed with an honesty box, they had fruit and vegies and I found the most gorgeous potato bag ever, needless to say it came home with us, it wouldn't be a road trip if we didn't get produce from the side of the road right!

How much fun it was, my two favourite things combined winter and the countryside, I was as happy as a piggy in mud.

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