Monday, 7 July 2014

Carrot Picking at Kalfresh

This past weekend we went carrots picking at Kalfresh at Kalbar near Boonah, I must say it is one of the most fun things we have done in a while.

The people at Kalfresh open their doors once a year for all us to learn all things carrots, and they did an amazing job we got to have a tour of the production shed, we learnt about where carrots are grown, the process it takes from picking to your plate, fascinating, the munchkins had so much fun asking questions, half the battle for me was preventing them from trying to take a carrot or two from the cleaning machines.

After the tour we enjoyed a free sausage sizzle the kids got to enjoy climbing onto the farm tractors while Farmer Joe and I enjoyed a huge piece of carrot cake.

We had a long chat to my favourite carrot farmers Richard and Alice they were so welcoming and friendly and they know all things carrots. Alice is just fab and it's not secret she is living my life she had a wonderful blog where she talks about country life, family, work and carrots Farmer Has a Wife she also has magnificent photo gallery on instagram "FARMERHASAWIFE" check her out.

After the Kalfresh tour we got to get down and dirty, we couldn't control our excitement as we got to go to a carrot field were we got to pick our own carrots to take home and can I say this is SO much fun the kids were running around they were working hard at dislodging those carrots from the ground, they were eating carrots, dirt and all just wonderful to see.

Well we got so many carrots that we now officially have night vision, 20/20 vision, our IQ is super high or we have turned into bunnies.
(according to Me who does NOT have a medical or scientist degree).

Well I don't know if we have all those things mentioned above but two things I know Kalfresh hosted a fantastic day and we are enjoying eating our freshly picked carrots.


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