Sunday, 18 May 2014

Our trip to the Boonah Show


A few weeks ago we went for a road trip to Boonah we had a marvellous time, while we were there we saw that the Boonah Show was on this month, so this weekend we decided to go and have a country show experience. It did not disappoint we had loads of fun.

There was something for everyone the munchkins had loads of fun in the animal nursery, I got to have a wander through the cakes and the preserves pavilion, so many wonderful talented people, there was a collection of painted gumboots, for a nano-second I thought that's a entry I can participate in, oh and who can forget the vegetable pavilion, a Gigantic Pumpkin was the winner and oh my!!! it was huge I have never seen one in real life I can only imagine the work that went into producing such a beast I wonder how many pumpkin scones you will get out of that.

The food at the show well it was well!!!! what can one say it was show food for the exception of the Crazy Corn, by the end of the night they knew us on first name basis they were so addictive and who knows why because they were just steam corn but they were so sweet.

The boys had loads of fun watching the car races we didn't make it to the fireworks we were all kaput so we headed to our accommodation.

This morning we got greeted by a bunch of Kangaroos outside our back door I wonder if they came out to say hello and welcome us to the country.

We weren't sure where to eat breakfast, so we drove into town and saw that the Bowls Club was serving Buffet breakfast for $12 so off we went as we walked in I just giggled, the décor was 1950's original and the ladies and gentlemen were of the golden years with their purple rinse hair and well pressed shirts.

As I helped myself to the buffet I heard loud screaming apparently the cooks were having a dispute on how to properly cook the beef mince, one came out to tell the hostess the disaster that was happening in the kitchen, she walked off and I started to giggle like a school girl I couldn't believe these ladies with their perfect purple curly hair they were going at it as I was thinking this the unthinkable happened I got busted and the old lady came and said "what's so funny" and I was like...aaaahh thing I knew I was standing in the kitchen with all these nannas and I was thinking, thinking rapidly - how am I going to get myself out of this so I proceeded to tell them how their argument reminded me of growing up and how heated the kitchen would get when there were too many cooks (Which by the way was all too true) they all seemed happy and laughed and they said they loved that they made me feel welcome... phew nice save I thought.

After making our $12 worth and three cups of coffee later...we left en-route back to the whitecottage, we drove around for a couple of hours to some of the adjoining towns ,we decided to stop at Kalbar (carrot capital of Queensland) what a cute little town, I had the longest chat to the lady in the antique store and of course I couldn't come home empty handed.

Well we are home now and I have done 2 loads of washing, cooked dinner and bathed the munchkins, so I guess it's back to reality.

I hope your weekend was fantastic.

Have you ever been to a country show?


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