Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Discussing the big issues #2 - Taking the most flattering photo

Yesterday I had the pleasure of having lunch with some of the most lovely ladies, they are my Instagram friends, we follow and share the love for all things fun and beautiful.

It was nice to place a face to the name and photos, I have met a few of the ladies previously at other events but yesterday I got to meet Kirsten from I have followed her blog for a while now and she is every bit I thought she would be just a really lovely person to talk to and she had me in stitches because she was teaching me how  to take a flattering photo and of course I was laughing so hard that I couldn't get the right position.

Well I wanted to take the right photo so no one had to endure my turkey neck and Kirsten was showing me on my face, position chin forward, neck high and VIOLA!!! take a picture well at least I thought those were the instructions but I can't remember too well if those were the instructions I was busy laughing  so hard.

Until I work out how to take a picture and I resemble something like Sophie the Giraffe here are some of my best pics of me.

Do you have any tips on taking a good pic? love to hear.



  1. Karla, it was so great to meet you yesterday! Thanks for the laughs and I'm pleased I could be off turkey neck assistance (not that you have one OR needed any photo taking advice because you're one stunning lady!!)

  2. Ha ha! My aunty taught all us nieces how to take a perfect photo of ourselves. Neck stretched, tilt the head and smile....We always all laugh about it and have the running commentary every time us cousins are together getting pics taken. She is certainly a cracker Kirsten. I was lucky to be her Elfster as part of last years Fat Mum Slim gift exchange. Ive been following along ever since. Nice blog by the way....

  3. Kirsten Smith, like wise so many stories and laughter and I am glad you taught me something although I am not sure how good of a student I was ;-)

  4. Elisha Ross that a classic very important to have the perfect pic ;-)