Saturday, 10 May 2014

Mother's Day

Tomorrow is Mother's Day and  I must say I am a bit excited because it is the first year that the munchkins are really into it, yes they have given me gifts before, I have beautiful painted pots and who can forget my favourite pet rock but this year is different.

This year they had a budget to go and buy me presents and each of them bought me something, and I love how they keep telling me they have a surprise for me and they have it in the hiding hole and I can not know where it is.

I love how when we are in the car they are whispering about the presents and they say " Mum did you hear us? did you did you mum" and of course I say NO darling I didn't hear a thing.

I have strict instructions to stay in bed tomorrow morning as it is Mother's Day and they are cooking me breakfast and bringing it to bed, I can't argue with that I would do anything to stay in bed in the mornings, that's a present in itself and of course I can not wait to see what goodies I get ;-)

What is happening around your place?

Well Happy Mother's Day to all you lovely ladies.


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