Wednesday, 7 May 2014

3 AM Wake up call

I have not had one of those in a very long time but for some reason the munchkins last night were opposed to the fact they needed to sleep until the sunrise, so at around 3 am this morning I was playing musical chairs but instead it was musical bedrooms at first there was the calling "mummy mummy" so off I went with my pillow and doona to my little munchkin, we were lying in his bed and I am telling him to go back to sleep but no there was not going to be any sleeping business happening in this bedroom so I told him to lie quietly until we would see the sun but no!! 

Next thing I knew baby munchkin was crying so there I was running to the kitchen to get a bottle of milk as hurriedly as I could to prevent Farmer Joe and the remaining munchkin from waking up too but no!!!! when I got upstairs I found a whole bunch of bodies just standing in the dark in the hallway so I knew our day had started (even though it was still night time).

We had breakfast at night time that was exciting!!!! Poor Farmer Joe I am assuming he is keeping his eyes open with pegs today at work, as for us well there is no school or kindy today for obvious reasons, I had plans to meet with a friend for a quick cuppa after school drop off, and I also had plans of a huge bake-a-thon, well those plans are on hold until further notice.

On the plus we had breakfast super early so I stayed in my pj's until 9 am, usually by this time I am well dolled up to face the day so it is strange to be in my pj's at this time of the day and I must say I quite enjoyed it.

I put on some tunes on my fav morning radio station - I still want to know what's going on outside the Whitecottage, the kids showed me their dance moves HILARIOUS!!!!! they played their favourite past time… Lego and now they are dropping like flies two are in bed one to go.

Speaking of going I better go I can hear someone calling, "Mum can you come and clean my bum" Yep glamorous life I live.


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