Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mother's Day 2014



This morning I got to sleep in thanks to today being Mother's Day I had strict instructions from the munchkins to stay in bed and they would bring breakfast to me and they did and it was delicious Farmer Joe come chef extraordinaire made me the most delish French Toast, hot coffee and breakfast juice he even garnish the French toast, everyone joined me in bed we all listened to the Eurovision digital radio while we all ate our breakfast in bed, the kids had a ball they were showing us how skilled they were at eating lying down.

I got to open my much anticipated pressies and I must say I was a very lucky girl the kids had $20 each to spend on presents they got to choose the presents all by themselves and at such young age they know me too well.

Farmer Joe decided that we would go for a drive we had no specific destination we got ourselves all dolled up and off we went to where the wind took us, we ended up in Mt Tambourine I love that mountain we stopped at the Mt Tambourine brewery to buy some of my favourite cheeses.

We had the most fabulous picnic over where people do paragliding it was exhilarating to see those adventurous people enjoying their sport and us we were enjoying our favourite sport too, eating.

We decided to go for a walk around the area when a car waved hello and of course I waved back then the car stopped and who would have thought some dear friends who we haven't seen for a while they were also spending their time up in the mountain, my friend said something funny she mentioned that when they were driving she saw someone walking with red gumboots and thought they look like Karla's gumboots and then she looked up and it was Karla we had a good chuckle and off we went for a walk to the main street for a bit of Devonshire tea, we bumped into them again so we decided that all of us should go and keep on with the celebrations.

Well we are home now and the munchkins fell asleep on the way home, I had a hot shower and I am wearing my warm pyjamas, Farmer Joe and I are sitting here eating some of that delish cheese and Eurovision has just started so I better make a move on.

As my eldest munchkin told me today " Mum this has been the best mother's day" and you know he is right what a fantastic day

I hope all you mummas out there had a fantastic day too.




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