Tuesday, 18 February 2014

When nurses get together

Over the weekend we hosted a old workmates reunion, my old workmates from many many years ago. It was really fun there was lots of reminiscing about the good old days, what everyone is up to now, I found it so interesting to be sitting here with my old boss and a group of women, that we as young nurses used to work together and party together, lots of us at the time were young nurses just starting our journey and now it feels like a lifetime ago since those days,  most of us stayed as nurses some became doctors but one good thing is that we are all still in contact with each other in one way or another, like the country lady and the country doctor and me well that is a funny story.
I met the country doctor (previously a nurse) and the country lady, we were all young nurses working in the same ward, the country doctor became a doctor and married the country lady in a fairy tale wedding and they are living happily in the country, we have remained friends for all this time and in fact they are baby munchkin’s godparents and I can not go past more than a couple of days without speaking on the phone with the country lady, we started our friendship having nursing in common and now we have children, husbands, gardens all those things that come with growing up.

I asked my old boss if it was strange for her that when we worked together she was obviously older working with a bunch of young people and 10-12 years on everyone is married with children, speaking of children there were so many that day just playing mucking around mainly mine, it was strange for me.

Oh how times have changed from the days working hard on the ward, going out, partying hard, the Christmas parties (t0 wild to elaborate) those were the days.

I dedicate this post to Di, Mel, Clinton, Nikki, Sally, Stephanie, Alison, Lauren, Debbie, Penny, Rina and everyone else from the RBWH.

To my wonderful nursing friends it takes a special person to be one. 

The cupcake lady previously known as nursey

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