Wednesday, 19 February 2014

A hand written letter

There has been a lot of talk lately about people not writing hand written letters and sending them through the post, well not since the great invention of the internet, emails, sms and it got me thinking...

did I stop writing an old fashion letter? 

Well the answer is NO the thing is that I love writing and I love writing letters to say thank you or ask how are you? I love the feeling I get when I place that little envelope in that red box by the road and definitely love the phone call back to say thank you for sending the letter which turns into a full blown conversation about what is going on life in general.

I love technology and can not live without technology I know this very well thanks to me breaking my mobile phone and not having a phone made me feel so isolated from the world

yes we have emails, sms and a whole bunch of social media to communicate but nothing beats a handwritten letter in the letter box.

Why not give it a try!!!!!

Have you sent a written letter to someone lately?

love to hear



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