Sunday, 23 February 2014


Yesterday morning we ventured to the Di Bella roasting warehouse they had a fun morning for the children, story time, face painting, free hot chocolates it was fun galore for the little munchkins and loads of fun for the grown ups. 

I finally got to meet Zack, Barista extraordinaire turned magician for the day the munchkin's had so much fun watching him do all the Magic!!!!!

I have been to the roasting warehouse many times it is not a secret that I am a lover of coffee and Modena is my choice of drink I totally adore that you can have something light to eat and enjoy watching the coffee beans being roasted while you are enjoying a cuppa.

The thing is I was born in the land of coffee so I guess it is in my blood to love coffee and I don't discriminate I love all types of coffee, ice coffee, cafe latte, coffee frappes..... you get the jist I love coffee and I am not ashamed to scream it at the top of my lungs.

As a small child I would spend months at the time at my grandmother's farm and the ambiance was something out of this world, there were a ton of worker's picking the beans I remember they would bag them in these hessian bags and they would weigh them, there used to be these huge concrete platforms and they would sun dry the beans, I used to see the workers turning the beans over.

The farm provided a means of income not only for my family but for the people that lived around the village and on the farm, in fact lots of my extended family lived around the farm.

Most of my family live all over the world now but I talk to most of my cousins on a regular basis and the conversation always starts with a cuppa in hand and we travel in time to those days at the farm.

For mama Tona

Not sponsored just a lover of coffee, australian business and memories.

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