Sunday, 23 February 2014

A baby Shower

Today I was invited to my dear friend's baby shower, when I got the lovely invite on the mail I couldn't say yes fast enough to the RSVP.

I truly love baby showers and what they mean, the happy welcoming of a new little one into this world and what better way to celebrate than having high tea with some lovely ladies and just doing the normal baby chatter.

The mum to be just looked so beautiful dressed in a cream lace dress, pearls were on show and a gorgeous pink flower on her hair, let me tell you about my gorgeous friend lets call her Lauren she is super stylish the girl knows a thing or two about looking fabulous and it is not afraid to mix a high end item with a fab bargain buy, her make up and hair are to die for always impecable. I can see her pushing that pram with style.

I met Lauren about 12 years ago she was a young graduate she was my first ever flatmate, I remember making fun of her because she was so young her room was so whimsical and she liked crocheting, stitching and doilies, I used to tell her she was a granny in a young girl's body who knew she was on the money and was ahead of her years in trend.

The baby shower was fantastic her mother and friends talked, drunk tea, ate ribbon sandwiches all in the name of celebrating the soon arrival of baby B who is a lucky girl  to be born into such a lovely family.

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