Thursday, 30 January 2014

Some days I am the statue and some days I am the pigeon

Have you heard the saying "some days I am the statue and some days I am the pigeon" well that could not have been more true for me than today, I started the day very well the morning ran smoothly and yes there was some traffic to get to school but it was all good when we arrived at school and master munchkin was settled, a bunch of ladies and I wandered down to the cafe for a cuppa there we were sitting chin waging and laughing. 

After the cafe I had to run some errands in town and I have never caught the city hopper before and it was so much fun and it was free - who knew! my middle munchkin had the time of his life going up and down the stairs admiring the splashes onto the boat. See I was the pigeon I was having the time of my life once in town we had a lovely lunch and had a look around the shops before going back to get master munchkin from school and then.......

That's when my luck changed and I became the statue.

The bus showed up super late which made us late by 10minutes or so but I was running like a crazy woman pushing my pram and telling my 4 year old you can do it and he would say I am so fast mum but really we were probably running at the pace of 20 turtles. 

We finally made it, on our way we went only to find out that 1 million birds (quite an exaggeration) had pooped all over our car, we could not see through the windscreen, we drove to the nearest drive through car wash but not before people tooted their horns to wave and make fun at the state of our go go mobile (the statue) we were polite and waved back we chatted with the pedestrians while on the lights 

"yes yes the birds went to town on this one ha ha ha"

So here we are now I guess I am back to being the pigeon the kids had so much fun talking about all that poop on the car and our go go mobile is clean and shinny.

Tomorrow will be another day and of course I will park in a different spot.


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