Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Potting around the Whitecottage

Today it was a day to pot around the Whitecottage of late we have been busy catching up with friends which I love but can be hectic. Our little munchkin started kindy this week I am sad and happy at the same time our munchkins are growing up so fast.

I quite enjoy potting around days especially today the weather was just right all the windows were opened the breeze came through, while I finished the washing and vacuuming baby munchkin had her usual morning nap and our oldest spend what it seem hours playing lego which is impossible when baby is around.

We ate some yummy food we spent some time talking about what 5 years olds are interested in, in our case Dinosaurs and Firetrucks. I am enjoying these alone moments with our eldest it is no long before the holidays are over and we are back to the hustle and bustle of daily routine.

I made a list of new upcycle projects I need to finish lets hope the weekend brings us good weather.

Today was a relaxing day I wonder what tomorrow will bring?

What do you do on your potting around days, would love to hear?.



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