Sunday, 12 January 2014

Our escape to the country

This past weekend we left the Whitecottage and drove to our mini escape to the country. Our friends were celebrating their son's 5th birthday and they asked us to stay, which we jumped at the offer.  Our friend well let's called them the country lady and the country doctor They have two wonderful munchkins a dog called Henry and a modern country home to die for.

We arrived at the party, what an amazing thing to see a wonderland for little superheroes, The decorations were spectacular the food so delish all the superheroes were busy at work trying to get all the baddies, the party came to an end and you would think the kids would be stuffed like a duck but no they were full of beans Jelly beans I suspect.

I spend quite a lot of time talking to the country doctor's mum let's called her Sue what a great lady she is so much fun to listen to, she worked in a cattle station as a young chicky babe and now works as a one woman show running a Clinic in remote Queensland It is incredible all the years of nursing experience she has, how she has to be nurse, midwive, radiographer and the jobs go on and on and what's more she actually enjoys it as we were talking she mentioned to me that in a couple of hours she must catch a bus for 11 hours to get to her job the next day.

It was that time of the day dinner time we made a quick easy dinner my new dish in the menu a bit of Jamie Oliver and a bit of the Cupcake Lady pizza (check it out on the blog) and a quick green salad. Sue was getting ready to depart to the bus stop but not before she showed us her skills of kneading the dough a skill she learnt in her teens at the cattle station.

Well this morning was a day of bushwalking, eating Dr D delish food had a play in the garden and it was time to make our way, we made detours to sight see, buy fresh produce and I even managed to do some vintage ware shopping.

I dedicate this post to my wonderful friend Mel who is a great mother, wife, friend, home stylist, party planner and Registered Nurse she is working helping people as I write this post.


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  1. Ahh.. you are too kind. What a wonderful weekend we had. Come again soon my friends xx