Thursday, 9 January 2014

A day of Craft and Baking

This morning we had grand plans to make our way to the park and have a play and a picnic, the munchkins love love the park, and me I don't really mind it, I make myself a takeaway coffee and just sit and watch the kids burn some energy, most time that we go to the park we bump into friends so it ends up being a really fun day.
Well not today it looks like it is going to pour down with rain any minute so the park is cancelled, in a way it’s good because I have had an allergic reaction to something and I look like I have just had a full face of fillers and collagen, my face is swollen to say the least, I was going to show up to the park like that episode of sex and city when Samantha had a face peel and looked like a scene from a horror movie so thank god for the rain gods - we will not go to the park and in return I will not scare some poor children.
What to do on this rainy overcast day crafts and baking of course, the munchkins second best past time and for moi well my favourite past time, baking and cooking that is how I got the nickname "The Cupcake Lady" for the reason that I bake most days and I am a keen collector of cookbooks and I love inventing my own recipes.
So if you need us we will be super busy creating arts and craft and of course enjoying something delish.

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