Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Morning Rituals

First Job for the day
Because there are always hungry munchkins first thing in the morning

I truly love these Chicky Babes

Our gift from our Chickies

Watering the plants the most relaxing morning ritual
Morning Rituals I have a few rituals that I do when I wake up I am a woman of habit and don't mind following a formula if you must call it that and I figure why change it if it's not broken.

I wake up early not by choice if I had a choice I would stay in bed until dinner time and would only get up for loo breaks but since I am the chief in charge of the Whitecottage and the munchkins during business hours, after hours, and when Farmer Joe arrives from work I am the co-pilot of this madhouse. 

I must say I am enjoying the last few weeks without the stresses of running children to school and Kindy but even with all the mayhem I woudn't have it any other way I actually enjoy it, yes it is routine but it is definitely never boring.


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