Wednesday, 6 November 2013

At the school 12 months on

Today I had the pleasure of volunteering at the munchkin's school for a welcome morning tea for the new parents for 2014. I had all sort of emotions I can't believe that was us 12 months ago,  I remember how nervous we were well specially me I was so nervous for my little munchkin and for me I had thoughts about what if he hates school or he finds it hard to make friends and as for me I was worried about whether we were going to be accepted and welcomed into the school by other parents and especially mothers.

Why I had those fears, well in regards to our munchkin he is the first of our children to go to school and the unknown was just so scary and for us we dont actually live in the neighborhood where the school is located the WhiteCottage is about 10k out so there was always the questions "oh you live so far out" "why this school" and we felt like we had to justify our decision to all these strangers.

The truth is that we chose that school because I had been attending the church on and off for about 2o years and it was a coincidence that farmer Joe had met the priest through some dear friends of his and he always thought he would be the one to marry us which he did we had all our wedding arrangements through the church and we followed this by having all the munchkins christened at the church,  so for us the natural step was for the children to go to the school attached to the parish.

I remember going to the interview and the principal was so warm and welcoming he took all our fears away when the interview finished we left with that sensation of that we had made the right decision for our son and our children's schooling.

In the last 12 months it's just been a joy our initial fears could have not been so wrong, our munchkin just loves school he loves his teachers, his friends, he never wants to take a day off even when he is sick and can not attend he tells me "he needs to go back to school because his school friends might be looking for him" so cute.

As for us it's been wonderful we  love that the school is very small, we love that in the mornings the school principal is by the front entrance greeting the students and parents by first name, we love that most of the staff knows you by first name and are always there to answer questions and as for the munchkin's teachers we hit the jackpot they are just incredible so knowledgeable and caring for the children and us parents.

And me well I was accepted by other mothers and parents I have met some liked minded people and have made some cool friends we volunteer at school, we have coffees and lunches  together.

12 months on ...... I made some homemade goodies and greeted and met some new parents who probably felt just like us last year I hope those parents and their children enjoy this journey as much as we have, ours is just starting but what a great start to our children's schooling experience.


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