Friday, 13 September 2013

Our Kitchen

Our Kitchen I could talk about my kitchen until the cows come home I just love it, I had been dreaming of the perfect kitchen since I can remember. As a 19 year old I would keep  magazine clippings of kitchen decors and ideas so when I was able I would know exactly know what I wanted and what I didn't.

Many Many years later I have my dream kitchen lucky for me Farmer Joe is not too fussed about the decorating I guess it helps that he also likes the same decor as me although for a minute or two he contemplating the modern industrial decor but that was just a phase he was going through now he is back to loving what I call Modern Country.

I spend the vast majority of my time in the kitchen as I am a mad baker I just love cooking, it might be sad for some people but that's my passion and my hobby it's what I enjoy

 The Cupcake Lady aka Karla 

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