Thursday, 12 September 2013

Just a Bright Sunny Day

Yesterday some friends and I got invited to a friend’s house for lunch. I had arranged to go with another friend so I decided to stop at the local florist shop and buy a bunch of flowers, the lady asked me what kind of flowers I wanted and I just told her any flowers that looks girlie and whimsical.

As I walked to my friend’s house the sun was so hot and bright I couldn’t help myself to look over people gardens and take inspiration on gardening ideas. I really enjoyed the smells of some of the flowers and hedges that are blooming at the moment.

The lunch was great, it was nice to do something a bit different than my usual Domestic Goddess chores.

I just love flowers around the house and today I couldn’t stop thinking about the beautiful bunch of flowers, so after dropping my oldest munchkin to school I popped over to the florist shop and asked the lady to do a similar bunch as yesterday and how happy I am to see them on my kitchen bench.

What do you use to brighten your house? 

Love to hear from you.  Cheers Karla

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