Monday, 9 September 2013

A blast from the past and an orchid

 This afternoon I went for a little wander to a shopping precinct, I have been meaning to go to those stores for a very long time but I never seem to find the time well today was a good day it was sunny and hot so off I went just before school pick up, I entered this beautiful home decor store and my eyes were in overdrive looking at beautiful pot plants, lamps and all things beautiful.

As I walked around the store my eyes caught on to the store owner and I immediately knew who he was but I did not acknowledge him as I was not sure if he knew me. When he approached me and said 

"You look like a nurse that looked after me 10 years ago" I replied 

"Well you look like a patient I looked after 10 years ago" 

we both were so ecstatic that we both recognised each other. 

Let me tell you before I became the Cupcake Lady, The Farmer's Wife, The Munchkins mum I was a Registered Nurse in my previous life before children, chickens, laundry, Baking and general household chores became my present.  

Going back to this afternoon this gentleman and I spent time talking and catching up on the last 10 years and the amazing recovery he has made he expressed how happy he was to see me and we reminisced of the time he spent in hospital it was not hard to like him he was so lovely and how he would ask me to come and have lunch with him as he was bed bound at the time which I usually did and we would go through all his home decor magazines we used to joke and he would give me dating advice as I was a single young nurse, it was quite amusing. 

As I was leaving he gave me an orchid from his store he asked me to come back and visit him again and told me he was giving me the orchid because he loved me more than my husband... we laughed and I have continued to laugh with happiness when sharing the story with my lovely husband Farmer Joe.

Who knew.......... my heart is warm today and I will try to cherish today and this orchid and the wonderful memories from my days as a young nurse.


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